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Horses Magazine is the largest regional horse / equine magazine in the country. Horses Magazine features some of the country's most well known clinicians such as Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, Lynn Palm, Stacy Westfall, Richard Winters, Dana Hokana, Tommy Garland, Ryan Gingerich, Julie Fershtman and more! Horses is read by over 275,000 people a month in print and FREE on the internet!

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Horses Magazine's Contributors Include:

clinton1aClinton Anderson
One of the country's SUPER clinicians, Clinton Anderson is making a tremendous impact in the horse community. Clinton Anderson was born and raised in Australia where at the age of 6 he started riding horses during weekends and holidays. His family recognized Clinton's natural ability with horses and cultivated his interest, buying him his first horse at age 9. Anxious to train his own horse, Clinton began attending horsemanship clinics at age 12. At age 13 he began playing Polo-Cross, played for a couple of years and was chosen for a national team representing his state. At age 13, he began spending all available time during holidays with nationally acclaimed clinician and horse trainer, Gordon McKinlay of Rock Hampton, Queensland, Australia and using his knowledge to train horses for friends and neighbors.

coxChris Cox
Chris Cox' entire life has been influenced by his relationship with the horse. He moved with his ranching family from Florida when he wasn't yet two-years-old, to an island off the coast of northeast Australia to raise cattle. During his time on the 100-square-mile Prince of Wales Island, and while he worked as a hand on numerous ranches on the mainland in the years that followed, the horse served as work partner, transportation, entertainment and even companionship for Cox.

stacyStacy Westfall
Even as a young child growing up in Maine, Stacy loved horses and rode whenever she had the chance. When she was 13, Stacy got her first horse; her Dad had promised her one if she got all As in school. Stacy rode Bay bareback wherever she went. In fact, Bay was her mode of transportation to work seven miles each way until she turned 16. She and her mother rode almost every day and Stacy eventually started to compete in many events including jumping and barrel racing. While other teenagers were playing sports or shopping at the mall, Stacy was riding horses. When in 2006 she entered the prestigious Road to the Horse colt starting competition, Stacy heard from more than a few people that she couldn't possibly win. After all, she was facing some legendary trainers. When the competition was over, Stacy was named the winner, after a convincing performance that clearly outshone her competitors.

wintersRichard Winters
For over 35 years Richard has dedicated himself to honing his horsemanship skills and to passing this knowledge on to others. Richard's credentials extend from the rodeo arena and high desert ranches of the west to being a highly sought after trainer, horsemanship clinician, and expo presenter.

 Richard Winters’ horsemanship journey has earned him Colt Starting and Horse Showing Championship titles. Obtaining his goal of a World Championship in the National Reined Cow Horse Association became a reality where he is also a AA rated judge. Another of Richard’s horsemanship goals was realized with his Road to the Horse Colt Starting Championship and then returning for 5 consecutive years, as the Horseman’s Host.

International travels include Canada, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Scotland, Brazil, and Poland where he earned the European International Colt Starting Championship title. Richard is a "Masterful Communicator" with horses and humans alike!

Richard Winters Horsemanship TV Show can be seen on RFD-TV every Wednesday at 12:00 and 8:00 p.m. (PST). You can also connect with Richard on Facebook and YouTube. Richard and his wife Cheryl reside in Reno, Nevada. For more information about Richard Winters Horsemanship and the learning opportunities available please go to

danaDana Hokana
Dana Hokana grew up as an only child in Southern California and was in love with horses. I would think about horses non stop! The highlight of my life was when summer came and my mom would send me to Montana for the summer to stay with my grandparents and they would take me to rent horses. My mom would also take me when she could to rent a horse in Pasadena, California. When I was 19 I went to work for 3 years for a show horse trainer named Morey Leavitt, that job started my love for showing and training show horses. After working for Morey I worked for Larry Gimple. I then started on a mission to learn from many of the people that I had admired. I would go to ride with some of these great trainers and I am so grateful for all I learned. Harold Farren was one of these great trainers, he was ahead of his time and he was the first to teach me the value of the arc and about body position and getting control of the horse's body. I then went and rode with Tom Chown a few times and that was when I got the passion to show at the big AQHA shows. My horse world took off to a new level in 1997 when I went to one of Cleve Wells four day clinics, it was the second clinic he ever did and I learned so much. For more information go to

lynnmain2Lynn Palm
One of the foremost and respected horsemen in the world, Lynn Salvatori Palm of Palm Partnership Training is a pioneer among women in the horse industry. For more than 30 years, Lynn Palm has championed the partnership of horse and rider, bringing her unique perspective to hundreds of thousands of horse enthusiasts around the world. Lynn is a regular commentator on RFD-TV and Horse TV, and is a regular contributor to many equine publications.


fershtmancolorJulie Fershtman
Julie Fershtman is one of the nation’s most experienced Equine Law practitioners.  A Shareholder with the firm Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, based in Michigan, she has successfully tried equine cases before juries in 4 states.  She has also drafted hundreds of equine industry contracts. She is a Fellow and officer of the American College of Equine Attorneys.  Her speaking engagements on Equine Law span 28 states, and she is the author of three books on equine law issues. For more information, please visit, www.equinelawblog.comand

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