downerHorse Stays First Priority at Road to the Horse 2016

“It’s an honor. I am so proud of my horsemanship, to win an event like the NRCHA Futurity, then to win Road to the Horse and tie the two together, that’s just huge” stated the emotional Dowers right after his win. When asked what helped him take the title, the answer was easy for Dowers, “Being myself and staying true to what I do.” Equaled in class and charisma, the 6666 ranch colt Seven Attraction carried Dowers to his first World Championship of Colt Starting title.

Winters won Round One displaying outstanding horsemanship and incurred no penalties. Although it was not a popular choice, Anderson did incur a score and time penalty after a Violation of a Rest Period for his colt. This resulted in both a penalty to Anderson’s score in Round Two and a reduced working time in Round Three. Road to the Horse has always placed, and always will place the horse as first priority.

Dowers’ captivating personality and inspiring training philosophies captured the hearts of every horse lover in the stadium. Seven Attraction seemed to collect as many fans along the road as Dowers. This outstanding, intelligent and athletic sorrel colt had something special, the same something special fans saw in Dowers. If fans didn’t know who Nick Dowers was before, they certainly know now.

Not only did Dowers walk away with the World Championship, he was also awarded the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award. Awarded and presented by Jack Brainard, this award goes to the horseman or horsewoman that excels in their power of observation to correctly analyze the best approach and then apply that method as smoothly as possible for the horse’s best interest.

Brand new in 2016, fans of Road to the Horse also enjoyed a LIVE broadcast by as well as a LIVE play by play radio coverage by Replays are available on both platforms.

In true Road to the Horse style, Road to the Horse Owner/Producer Tootie Bland surprised the crowd by announcing two competitors for Road to the Horse 2017. Both Sarah Dawson and Barbara Cox were named as competitors in a very special ladies only version of Road to the Horse which is scheduled for March 23-26, 2017.

Sarah Dawson, daughter of Road to the Horse 2009 World Champion Richard Winters will return to Road to the Horse in 2017. Dawson is a past competitor to Road to the Horse, having competed in 2013. A seasoned clinician and competitor, fans are excited to welcome Sarah back to the round pen.

Barbara Cox, wife of four time undefeated Road to the Horse World Champion Chris Cox, will enter the Road to the Horse round pen for the very first time in 2017. Tickets on sale now.


image009ClearSpan’s New Pavilion Building Creates The Ideal Covered Environment

 (SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn.)  ClearSpan ™ Fabric Structures, the industry-leading manufacturer of tension fabric buildings, revealed its new building offering today, the Pavilion Building. The new structure features no end walls or sidewalls, creating a covered, outdoor atmosphere that can be used for equine arenas.

 The Pavilion Building is covered by ClearSpan’s renowned 12.5 oz., 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric. The covers allow natural light to filter through, ensuring that whatever activity takes place under the Pavilion is well lit during the daytime. The fabric covers are built for strength, are UV resistant and come in four different color options.

 The structure is built with a durable, USA-made frame that has been triple galvanized for corrosion resistance. The design of the truss frame promotes strength and a quick building timeline, and, when paired with the ClearSpan Helical Anchoring System, can be built with minimal foundation requirements. Pavilion Buildings can be constructed at 75 feet and 85 feet wide, and feature eaves that are 13 feet high.

 Pavilion Buildings come with industry-leading warranties, which include 50 years on the frame and 20 years on the cover. For more information, please visit or call 1.866.643.1010

ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides design-build solutions for material, equipment and other storage needs. ClearSpan buildings feature abundant natural light and spacious interiors without internal support posts. With minimal foundation requirements, the structures can be permanent or temporary and are easy to relocate. Made in the USA, they can be built to any length and up to 300' wide. ClearSpan’s corporate offices are located in South Windsor, Conn., and supports a manufacturing and distribution center in Dyersville, Iowa.


RTTHFacebook12Journey to Road to the Horse

With Richard Winters Interview by Angelea Kelly

“Well this year, my participation as a competitor, has not gone unnoticed. I am the old man in the group."-Richard Winters.

It was still early on a bright Texas morning the first of March and Richard Winters has already been hard at work. He unhitched his horse trailer and took a break to sit down to talk with me about his upcoming bid for the Road to the Horse colt starting championship. This critically acclaimed horseman, author, clinician, TV personality, and competitor is an honest and humble representation of what all modern day cowboys and true horsemen should aspire to be.

Tell me about your history with Road to the Horse?

I was a competitor at Road to the Horse in 2009. It was an honor to be invited to compete against John Lyons and Tommy Garland. I was fortunate to win that event. Since that time, I’ve been associated with the event as their Horseman’s Host and Commentator. I was there on the floor clueing the audience in to the minute intricacies and subtle things that they might miss. Since I was a contestant I have been able to share those things with the audience. It’s been great these last few years to continue to be involved with Road to the Horse.

So you commentated from 2010-2015. What did you most enjoy about that experience?

I think the best thing about commentating is I have the best seat in the house. I am right there in the middle of it. I learn more than anybody else there because I’m watching 3 or 4 great horseman do some phenomenal things with horses.

What is it like to prepare as a competitor for Road to the Horse?

Well this year, returning as a competitor, has not gone unnoticed. I am the old man in the group. We think of colt starting as being a young man’s game. Clinton Anderson and Nick Dowers are two young men who are very, very talented. I’ll need to work smarter rather than harder. I am trying to stay in shape physically. I’ve been starting some colts these last few weeks just trying to get my head back around the colt starting process. In all reality - don’t tell the other guys, I don’t really start that many colts anymore. I’m gonna get in there and just try to keep up.

It’s the day of. You’re at Road to the Horse on the floor. What’s it actually like being there?

I’ve heard it time and again from contestants that with all of the fanfare, all of the preliminary things that go on, all of the grand entries and the mini clinics that you do there, by the time you step in for round #1 and your colt is in the round pen, you just can’t hardly wait to get in there and get to work. Everything else has been the preamble. All three competitors will just be very anxious to turn the microphone off, get in the round pen and get to work.

I heard you have a new book published by Western Horsemen debuting at Road to the Horse. What is it about?

I was this little 12-year-old kid when I first got a subscription to Western Horsemen and never missed a month in the last 40 years. To now think that they are publishing a book with that same little kid is an honor. This book is going to be different than what other horsemen have done in the past. It’s called From Rider to Horseman and it’s laid out in chapters where each one is a stand alone chapter. Say that you’re interested in side-passing. You can go right to that chapter, read the chapter, see the beautiful photographs on side-passing, and then go out to work with your horse. You can invest 20 minutes with the book and then go out and get to work with your horse. I’ll be signing books at Road to the Horse.


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